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Welcome to the Circle


Everywhere we look, we see the fingerprints of the Great Circle.  

Small circles like us are happiest when we are with the Great Circle.  

But, some circles are trapped in the evil Triangle.  

Do you want to join the Great Circle and set all the small circles free?  

What kind of circle are you?



Completed evangelism materials.  


완성된 전도자료들



Completed music pieces for evangelism.  


전도를 위한 완성된 음악 작품들



Completed photos or artworks for evangelism.  

전도를 위한 완성된 사진들과 미술 작품들



Completed films or videos for evangelism.  


전도를 위한 완성된 동영상들과 비디오들 



List of projects you can partake in.


여러분들이 참여할 수 있는 프로젝트의 목록



Send us your work to upload.  Click here for info.


여러분의 작품을 올리고 싶으시면 보내주세요.  자세한 정보는 여기 클릭하세요. 

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